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Report on the nominations for SuccessCOACHINGs TOP 200 CS Strategists for 2021

🎙️🎙️ “Stats 📊 stats 📈 STATS 📉 … get your stats here!!!” 🎙️🎙️

#CS community, are you curious about the nominated Top 200 #CustomerSuccess Strategists of 2021 but are too shy to ask?

Check out some statistics on the distribution of the nominees across the globe, which region has the most nominees, which countries the nominees are located in, the spread of hierarchical titles, the fine details across the regions … etc … as well as the hot 🔥 gender diversity debate … men 🚹 / women 🚺 nominations!

See PDF & PPT report for complete report & corresponding master Excel file

documents provided below!!

Some key figures:

💎 The Americas region leads the pack with a total of 146 nominees, with the USA as the leading country where 98 of the nominees are located.

💎 59% male vs 41% female nominees.

💎 The nominees are located in 22 countries, where the top location countries take up 88% of the nominations.

💎 31% of the nominees are Vice Presidents of CS, with C-suite or founders a close 2nd with 24%.

💎 40% of the nominees work in the Computer Software industry.

💎 82% of the nominees work at a company whose HQ is in the Americas region.

💎 Catalyst Software has 5 nominees in the top 200.

The big question, is this a reflection of the current status in Customer Success?

(if anyone has a recent report on the CS status worldwide, please share).

Big thank you to SuccessHACKER for running this vote and for ClientSuccess and Gain Grow Retain for supporting this initiative.

Good luck to all the incredible nominees (all 209 of them) and thank you for your contributions to the Customer Success community.

SuccessCoaching CS Top 200 2021
Download PDF • 1.98MB

Success Coaching CS Top 200 2021
Download XLSX • 4.30MB

SuccessCoaching CS Top 200 2021
Download PPTX • 26.85MB

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